S03E03 The role of tech in rethinking education in Africa

Posted On: July 21, 2023

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S03E03 The role of tech in rethinking education in Africa

In this bonus episode, TECH | PEOPLE | TALK co-host Yanesh Naidoo and Season 1 guest Ajit Gopalakrishnan (featured in episode S01E08) sat down with panellists Shirley Eadie, Arun Babu and Claudio Ranaudo at this year’s Africa Tech Week to discuss what the future of education should look like.

We discuss:

  • the importance of education innovation in Africa
  • shifting the focus from teaching knowledge to teaching skills and attitudes
  • the need for collaboration between government, industry, and institutions
  • the potential of private sector companies in the education sector
  • the importance of adaptability and continuous learning
  • challenges faced by ed-tech start-ups in South Africa
  • the changing role of educators
  • challenges in the current education system
  • the need for stakeholder collaboration and alignment of interests



Shirley Eadie is the founder of the Education Innovation Unit at the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) and a technical advisor to the Department of Basic Education on the integration of future skills in basic education.
Arun Babu is the CEO of Deloitte Consulting Africa and describes himself as an Afro-optimist with a passion for the intersect of business transformation, culture and tech.
As the senior vice president of Siemens Sub-Saharan Africa, Claudio Ranaudo is an out-of-the-box thinker. He has a passion for developing and connecting the industry with digital solutions, which he believes to be a crucial factor in the future of the company and the world.


00:00 – Introduction

01:55 – Transforming education in Africa

15:18 – Education needs to prioritise adaptability

18:49 – Shift from content to skills

24:26 – Expose children to new possibilities

29:37 – No shortcut for experience

39:21 – Understanding the problem is key

41:13 – Private sector can drive education

49:39 – Role of teachers is changing

58:19 – Education must prioritise critical thinking

59:17 – Tech unlocks African potential