S02E05 Agile leadership for modern businesses, continuous learning & work-life balance

Posted On: December 7, 2022

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S02E05 Agile leadership for modern businesses, continuous learning & work-life balance

In this episode, we had the honour of speaking with this thought leader and revolutionary. Claudio shared with us the guiding principles he has employed to live his best life. With nearly 15 years of expertise in the energy sector, global travels, and a strong digitisation footprint, he adds great value for customers, society, and Siemens.

We discuss:

  • understanding cultural differences for business
  • customer profiling
  • how leadership prepares for the next decade
  • what young people are missing in order to succeed
  • if EVs are really the solution



Claudio Ranaudo is the Senior Vice President for Sub-Saharan Africa at Siemens Digital Industries. He is deeply passionate about helping the industry grow, connect, and be supported by Siemens’ digital solutions. As a forward-thinking leader, he believes one of the biggest challenges over the next decade will be for people to make the transition from the analogue world to a digital ecosystem. Claudio says the way of thinking will change, business models will adapt, and leadership of values will become more important.


00:00 – Introduction

01:24 – Who is Claudio Ranaudo?

04:57 – Understanding cultural differences for business

07:11 – Understanding different customer profiling

10:14 – The role of a Senior Vice President at Siemens

15:45 – How does leadership prepare for the next decade?

26:34 – What is Siemens & Jendamark’s product offering?

30:01 – Transition from hardware products to software products

39:03 – Learning to fail quickly

44:15 – What are the young people missing in order to succeed?

48:31 – Are EVs really the solution?