S03E01 A leadership & technical masterclass with Quinton Uren

Posted On: May 17, 2023

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S03E01 A leadership & technical masterclass with Quinton Uren

In this episode, we take a different approach to the conversation with our guest, by presenting it as a masterclass that touches on both technical and leadership elements. Who better to embody these strengths than Jendamark’s long-standing managing director and engineering guru, Quinton Uren.



Quinton Uren is the founder and managing director of Jendamark Automation. With almost four decades of engineering and entrepreneurial experience, Quinton brings vast technical knowledge and a practical, hands-on approach to heading up this global company. He is passionate about Industry 4.0-driven automation solutions for the global automotive sector and is proud to lead our tech people in designing customised production facilities that are elegant in their simplicity and efficiency. Quinton was honoured by the CNBC Africa All Africa Business Leaders Awards as industrialist of the year in 2018 and received the Nelson Mandela University Alumni Achiever Award in 2019.


00:00 – Introduction

01:51 – A young coloured man starts an automotive supplier business during Apartheid

06:55 – The innovative shrinker machine that changed the game for Jendamark

25:51 – Shipping an enormous machine built with blood, sweat and tears

26:41 – The shrinker’s successor meets new challenges

31:08 – Quinton’s love of engineering and designing

35:31 – The next big thing: the pinion nut tightening machine

45:00 – Nothing is certain, everything is a journey

48:52 – The core values of Jendamark

56:09 – Finding and being comfortable with yourself beyond people’s perception

01:05:03 – Passion for our new software developments

01:10:15 – The sacrifices that come with starting a business